Visual Identity Guidelines Overview

This brief online guide will help establish a consistent, yet flexible, identity for NJIT.

A PDF of the entire guidelines may also be downloaded, or you may choose to download a PDF of a specific section of the guidelines, see the "Download Files" area of this site.

Both this online resource and the PDF version(s) contain examples to show how the NJIT core signature and other elements can be used to produce printed and electronic materials that project a coherent public image.

Consistency is the key to successful presentation of NJIT's identity. This applies to usage of the logo and tagline, as well as colors and typography. A well-managed identity ensures that NJIT invests its resources in communications that advance strategic goals and help build our reputation. NJIT’s identity program provides a basis for communicating and presenting the university’s identity clearly, consistently, and with distinction. Adhering to the visual identity guidelines will establish a strong brand identity for the university.

University Communications' role in the visual identity guidelines is to oversee and facilitate correct implementation. We are available to help academic and administrative units use graphic elements in an effective and distinctive manner. Please follow these guidelines as stated. If you have any questions, or specific needs not addressed in this site, please contact:

University Communications at 973-596-3433

Use of the NJIT identity by merchandisers and vendors outside the university: Use of the NJIT name (including the names of colleges, schools, or other units), logo and insignia, or other artwork associated with NJIT by an independent organization or person is prohibited, unless specifically authorized by the Office of University Communications. Please contact that office for more information.